Simply Dead was set up by two ordinary people based on their own experiences with family and friends.

On reaching middle age we realised that there was a lack of independent information to help people make informed choices about what happens after their death and to ensure their lives are organised in a way that makes it easier for those left behind to deal with the practicalities.

When a loved one dies, it is all too easy to get carried along the traditional funeral route – which is the preferred option for many people – but there are alternatives.

We are not here to sell funeral plans. We want to help people start conversations about their wishes with friends and family in a way that gives them control and removes any taboo – whether they want a traditional funeral or something different.

Our aim to provide an online source of independent information and simple tools to help with end of life planning for you and your family – making life easier for those left behind.

Lisa Green

Stephen Wolfenden

“Death is not the opposite of life but a part of it”

Haruki Murakami