Throughout the world, people are rethinking their funeral plans.  With some choosing to move away from more traditional cemetery or crematoria settings,  more environmentally friendly, green funerals are seeing an increase in popularity.

One of the more radical solutions has come from an Italian company, Capsula Mundiy

Their solution currently consists of an egg-shaped pod, made of biodegradable material, in which the ashes of our departed loved ones are placed for burial.  Ashes are be held in small egg-shaped urns and ultimately they hope that this solution will also be available for bodies positioned in larger pods.

The urn is buried as a seed in the earth.  A tree, chosen by the deceased, is then be planted on top of it and family and friends will continue to care for the tree as it grows. Their vision is that traditional cemeteries will acquire a new look and be transformed into growing forests.

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